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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Kabocha, Japanese squash

This is kabocha, Japanese squash but is made in Mexico.
We love kabocha.
This is called Kabocha nitsuke.
It is easy to make.
1, Peel the skin.
2, Cook with water, mirin, soy sauce, sugar.
( water 150cc, mirin L spoon 1, Soy sauce L spoon1 and sugar L spoon 1/2)
I think it takes about 10 minutes.
You can get this at Farmers market.

They are from Paul Hobbs.

I had visitors from CA.
Have you tasted Paul Hobbs wines?
I am a big fan of his wines.
We carry chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Malbec and Caberbet Sauvignon.
Jeniffer is marketing and sales. Michael is vice president.
Thank you so much for making excellent wines and please continue to do that. I buy and drink and tell all the people I know.

Is this too small?

This is our sashimi dinner, the price is $29. It comes with soup, salad and rice.
Someone claimed on Thursday night. She told me she could get double portion at other places.
I told her that I could not do that. And that is matter of choosing quality or quantity.
I might do if I use frozen tuna, frozen salmon, frozen hamachi and other frozen fish.
I buy most of fish from Japan. I cannot do that.
But I sometimes do it. It is only late night and Saturday night.
I do not want to carry over the fish to next day. And we are not open on Sunday. And I explain the reason of large portion.
I do not want to argue but I need to explain and need to speak up. Customer is always King and Queen in this country, but I have a right to speak. And I did, I do and I will.

One of the best tuna in 1st qtr.

This is the one of the best tuna in 1st qtr.
There is no question and doubt.
Spring Break? Come to Taka and eat this tuna.

Aji has roe.

Maybe , you do not want to see this picture. If you don’t , do not enlarge.

I think women aji has roe, yellow part. and men aji has testicular, white part.
As a common sense, the fish has roe tastes not great as usual.
The reason is very simple. All energy go to roe, not body.
But aji is available all season and we eat all the time.