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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Saito, Braves pitcher

Let me introduce Takashi Saito, new Braves pitcher from Red Sox.
He is 40 years old this year.
He will live in Buckhead and come to Taka often, hopefully.
Good Luck!

New Screen works well?

We needed something to protect cold wind comes from outside.
I finally got it.
But a customer complained on Saturday.
We will see.

New Technology?

I bought a pan.
The reason I bought was New Technology.
It is said that non stick.
I tried many times these kind of non stick pan.
But top coating comes off in -4 months.
Then I buy new pans every 3-4 months.
We will see how long last.

Something nice

I made a togo for a customer.
She called me around 3pm. She wanted to pick up at 4:30pm.
And 20 ngiri sushi and 2 rolls but budget was $60.
I said I understood , and I made very close amount.
I imagined the scene behind her on the phone.
A baby was crying. She wanted to go out but there was no baby sitter. So they decided to order togo.
I cab support her.
I did not donate any money for Haiti nut I like this kind of story. This plate of $60 is not bad at all.

This really works.

This is attic at my restaurant.
We’ve been struggling with cold weather.
I finally found a solution.
It took 7 hours today. I came to the restaurant at 10am.
But this insulation really works.
It is not cold anymore. We made it.
I am thinking do this at my home.
How much is the cost? The floor is 1300sq ft. And I will pay $1500.
It is easy to make and pay $1500. But it is not easy to listen complains.