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Monthly Archives: February 2010

This is botox face.

I just saw this magazine accidentally.
This is from People.
She is only 23 years old. 10 surgeries in a day?
And she did breast enlargement when she was 17 years old.
So, this is 2nd time. Ans she did botox.
I can say she gets very ugly when she become around 40 years old.
I always feel that Americans want to enjoy current life. And they do not see the future much. Or they do not think about future.
I like natural body,natural face and natural breast.
It is same as tuna. Americans like farm raised oh-toro because of big fat, buttery taste.
They like more man-made fat than natural made fat.
Sometimes we need to think what is real and what is fake.
Fake is fake, forever.

Gelatin Power

I have 2 different gelatin.
One is pork leg and another one is OX tail.
The left picture is before heating up. I just take from refrigerator.
It is not liquid. This is the power of gelatin.
I also call natural botox.
I don’t know why so many people spend a lot of money and get botox.
My OX tail soup is only $5.80, Ramen noodle is a little bit expensive and $9.50
You can trust this power. Look at my face if you have a chance. I do not have wrinkle.


Great Tuna

I do not write much this time.
This tuna can tell how good it is.
See the pictures.
I think it is available until Saturday.

Shako, Mantis Shrimp

Here you are ! This is a new item. Mantis Shrimp.
But it is not shrimp group.
I can say the texture is like between shrimp and crab.
I like shako. I have no ides of the meaning of shako, but pronunciation is same as garage in Japanese. So sushi lovers call it as garage.

New Arrival and more.

I got Iwashi, Japanese sardine.
It was an accident. We actually did not order. Our supplier told me that it came from Japan by accident.
I like iwashi . tasty, has good fish fat. Iwashi contains a lot of DHA, EPA.
It make us smart.
And, tuna also came. I bought 1/4 size with ohtoro. It is available all this weekend.