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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Tuna Poke

The weather is getting nice.
So, I decided to serve this kind of dish.
Tuna poke was very popular last year.
I changed the design this year.


You might know the meaning of bahun-uni.
Ba- horse
hun- shit
So, this is horse shit sea urchin.
The reason we got was very simple.
It was because of rain in CA. The divers cannot find uni during rain and sea water get dirty.
Bahun uni come from northeast.

Star Fruit

Have you had this before?
My first bite was December inn 2009.
It was OK.
The good things is working for high blood pressure.
That’s a good to know.
I also contains vitamin C, fiber.’

Improved Burger

As you know, I started my burger from last week.
it was a good start but had a problem.
The size was too big to eat. So I changed to smaller size.
Now, you can eat this as an appetizer. And I add egg and it can be a sauce.
I finally ate tonight. It was very very good.
You have try!

4th & Swift

It was a good dinner.
I liked kurobuta, special pork.
So many homeless on North Ave. but this restaurant is good.
We will be back again.
This is my judgement.
I always think ” Do I come back this place or not?”
If it is good restaurant, I say YES. If it is OK, I say NO.
4th & Swift is absolutely YES.