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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Yes, we are open!

Our street sign is not working. I asked the landlord to fix. It passed almost a week but still same. Then I found an idea like this picture.
I brought my Tundra with a construction halogen light. Then I extended a code from the restaurant and lighted up.
This is not bad idea.
Our landlord is a kind of slow pace and lazy. I think it will take 2 weeks. But I cannot wait for that.

Breaking News

I got good tuna today. It is available for next 3-4 days.

Taka’s Update

Fish delivery of this week

Please do not expect tuna this week and next week. Fishermen need to take day offs. Most of tuna catchers are not in the ocean. They are staying their family or friends.
Japanese fish delivery is same but it will changer next week because of New Year Holiday in Japan.

Calendar Update

2010 is coming in 4days. We will be closed on New Year Day. But we open Jan. 2nd Saturday.

It is flu season.

What do we have to do against flue in winter?
A: Good breakfast foods for flu
Yogurt, banana, mekabu seaweed(it is hard to get here.), toasted bread with jam, toasted bread with banana, yogurt with jam or banana, miso soup with nameko mushroom, natto with okra,natto miso soup, steam rice with sweet potato. These are very good for prevention.
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Amadai, Tile Fish

This is amadai, tile fish from Boston area.
Dai or tai is snapper family but the taste is almost kinmedai, alfoncino.
Please try when it is available.

Taka’s Holiday Update

Fish delivery of this week

I did not get live scallop and clams yesterday because of bad weather in Boston are. It is same today’s delivery. It might come on tomorrow. I got big eye tuna but no expectation for good toro.
All other fish are same as usual.

Calendar Update

Christmas Day is coming in 3 days. We will be closed on that day.
2010 is coming in 10 days. We will be closed on New Year Day. But we open Jan. 2nd Saturday.

Soy bean products and lactobacillus products
This is for all women. If you take soy bean products and lactobacillus products during 10-40 years old, incidence of breast cancer is low. It was reported San Antonio Breast Cancer symposium on December 9th 2009. Why don’t you take yogurt, kefir. I like Greek yogurt from Costco.
And the funny thing is you should take both of them because lactobacillus helps metabolism of isoflavones in your stomach. It is very important to eat good food when we are young.
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