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Monthly Archives: October 2009

From Afghanistan

This is captain Neese, USMC.
He is one of my customer’s son.
I think he went to Iraq last October.
His farther told me tonight. He went to Iraq, Philippine, Okinawa and moved to Afghanistan.
This photo came from Internet. He is at border of Pakistan.
There is a message ” We look forward to dining at Taka together.”
He will be back in next July.
A bad news from CNN. 58 American soldiers died in October so far.
he need to be survive and stay safe place. I pray for him.

Good tuna, long time no see!

I don’t remember when was the last time that I got good tuna.
I believed it was 3-4 weeks ago.
This big eye tuna is the best of October.
It was stomach side and came with oh-toro.
It is available for next few days.

Taka’s Update Oct. 26th 2009

Fish delivery of this week

Tuna supply is not great. I have not received good tuna for 3 weeks. It is OK and not bad. Live scallop is not coming today. Japanese fish delivery is same as usual.

Poor Japanese?

Japanese government released a new data.Poverty rate is 15.7% in 2006. This number is 0.8% up from 2003 and the highest number since 1997. Also kids poverty rate is 14.2% and 0.5% up.According to OECD data, Mexico is the top and 18.4%, Turkey is 17.5%, United State is 17.1% . These are top3. The lowest is Denmark and Sweden. It is only 5.3%.It was all middle class before but not anymore. It is getting approaching to US style.
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Sake tasting. It’s fun!

We had Sake tasting last night.
It was a big night.
This time was the biggest tasting ever.
We had more than 30 people singed up and got 24 people.
5 sakes and 6 dishes were served. This time’s winner was Koshino Yukiwariso, Snow Grass.
This is raw sake. Sake actually boiled 2 times. And this Snow Grass boiled 1 time only.
Sake was brought by Sake Story, Atlanta based Sake importer.
Tasting Sake were Tsukino wa (Moon ring), Shudo ( Way of Sake), Koshino Yukiwariso (Snow Grass), Gopuriki 50 (Field Crane), Yamahai (Old Mountain) and Chisui Kafu ( Elements) from left to right.

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I got MRE from my customer.
Thanks, Steve.
He was in Military and retired.
We will eat this on Sunday.
This is turkey and gravy, potatoes.
I have no idea for taste.
I let you know.