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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Big eye tuna, not Blue fin.

I got big eye tuna yesterday.
It is stomach side and had great toro.
But September is Blue fin tuna season.
I didn’t hear anything about blue fin tuna.
What is going on?
I normally get 3-4 times of that.
My guess is global warming and catching too much tuna are problems.
It is sad but we will not see blue fin tuna for a while or for ever.
Big eye tuna’s supply is not bad. Our restaurant, include other Japanese restaurants business are slow and we don’t want to buy much fish.
I buy almost 25% less fish than last year.

Taka’s Update September 29-2009

Fish of this week

We had good tuna last week. New tuna is coming today. I expect same quality as last week. Japanese fish delivery gets back to normal. I was a little bit happy because of better sales of last week. I cut the price of most items on the menu. That made our customers happy, maybe.

A: Warning to drivers over energy drinks.

This is from England. We see so many kinds of energy drinks and not good for your body. It might help when you get flu. I do not take these usually. I take OX tail healthy body soup every day. That makes me healthy. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) issued a warning about the beverages after research suggested that they can lead to lapses in concentration behind the wheel. The study by the US National Safety Commission found that an hour after drinking a highly caffeinated and sugared drink, motorists suffered delays in their reaction times. The drinks, many of which are promoted as a cure for tiredness, can even make drivers feel more weary, the IAM said. Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “Energy drinks are good as a quick fix, but they’re no substitute for regular breaks.
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Taka’s Update

This week FISH

Japan is holiday and Japanese fish delivery is only 1 time.
All fish are coming on tomorrow.
Big eye tuna also coming on tomorrow.

We are getting old and…

September 20th is Old people Day, this is Japanese holiday. Japanese government released a data. 1/4 of women in Japan is more than 65 yrs. Old. Can you believe it? It is 25.4% and 1/5 of men are same. These number is highest in history.

Eating sushi is decreasing.

This data from Mitzcan, vinegar company.
They asked housewives how often do they eat sushi. The answer was 1.4 times a month. The last year data was 2.0 times.
There are 4 ways to eat sushi but all data were down.
1~togo sushi from supermarket from 0.8 times to 0.5 times
2~Cheap sushi, belt conveyer sushi from 0.6 times to 0.5 times
3~making sushi at home from 0.5 times to 0.3 times
4~ Sushi restaurant It was same and 0.1 times.
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Okra tempura

Hey, Taka’s healthy cooking time.
Okra tempura. But this is GA and can say “Popcorn Okra Japanese style”.
Tempura is easy to make at your home.
We use tempurako, tempura flour and egg york.
Place tempura flour into the bowl and add egg york and cold water. It is like making pan cake.
Then add something you do tempura.
Then go into hot oil.
The cooking time is less than 2 minutes. Many vegetables are good for tempura, zucchini, egg plant, avocado, peppers, potatoes, carrot and more.

Tempura sauce is also easy to make if you have Japanese things.
Dashi,bonito and kelp broth 2 cups, Mirin 1 cup, soy sauce 1/2 cup, light color soy sauce 1/2 cup and add bonito flake and heat up. Stop fire before boil and strain. That’s it.
keep cool it.

American people need to eat more healthy food.
If you are mother, you have to cook at your home. Your children will respect you.
If you are father, you have to cook on Sunday. Your family respect you.
And you can cook with your children, the like to do with you and learn from you.
Then they will teach their children when they become parents.

Tuna is not healthy all the time.

Look at this tuna. There are small holes. This is called sashi, tuna’s disease. We normally remove these part.
I can say 90% of tuna have this.
You can guess wild tuna swim in the ocean and just like human beings. They don’t have doctor there. But they have to survive.
I sometimes see worms inside of body. It is already dead.
It is like thin string.
I think this is the reason American doctor say to pregnant lady not to eat raw fish. But another reason is mercury. Tuna is almost end of food chain and save mercury.
I think yellow fin tuna don’t have much sashi.
Bug eye tuna have more than other tuna.
This tuna’s price is lower than normal because of this.