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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Taka’s Update

This week FISH

I will not have a deal with Mirugai for a while. It is still expensive and cannot sell well.
We have Aoyagi Clam instead of it. Tuna is up and down. I combine with O2 tuna.
I will not have much fish this weekend because of Labor Day weekend.

Closing Information

We will be closed the business from September 6th- 8th.( Sunday- Tuesday)
We cannot fish from Japan during this period. Please do not eat sushi this period.

Japan Fest 2009

This is the biggest Japanese festival in Southeast. They have it at Gwinnett Arena from September 19-20th. (Saturday-Sunday)
I might get free tickets soon. Please let me know if you are interested in.
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Different fish, Different cooking ways

I showed you 2-3 days ago.
There were 3 fish heads.
I cooked 2 of them today. But it was not same way.
I cooked Kurodai, Black Porgy with light miso.
And I cooked Kinmedai, Alfoncino with heavy sweet dashi.
Each fish has own cooking.

GF, Gluten Free Soysauce

We have so many customer with Celeriac Disease.
Those people cannot eat something with wheat.
Soy sauce is made with soy bean but also contains wheat.
We have gluten free soy sauce.
I thought we did not have those people before.
But I don’t know why but so many people have allergy with something.
I believe because of oil related products and chemical products are around us always.
We need to have natural life.It is simple. If you wear T-shirts, buy cotton 100% only.
It does not harm our body.
Please ask us if you have any problem with allergy.

Hamachi kama Texas Cut?

This is hamachi Kama, yellow tail collar.
We grill it. Our regular customers always order.
I used to cut straight between stomach side and back side.
But back side had bones and could not use much.
So I decided to leave back side.
And I cut like a picture.
Do you think this is like Texas because I cut 90 degree at top place?
Anyway, our hamachi kama is bigger than other places.
It is because TEXAS CUT.

Fish egg, roe

I am happy when I see roe in the fish.
It is same as chicken egg, means has vitamin D.
I sometimes use this for sauce of fish.
And I always cook like this, never use as raw.
The left is from Tachi-uo and the right id from Kinmedai.
It is fun to see the, right?