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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Beautiful TORO

This is just beautiful and has fat.
I got this toro today.
It is just great. Thank, God.

Kohada, Gizzard Shad

Kohada is tiny fish. It changes the name like Hamachi.
The small one is called Shinko, then Kohada, then Nakazumi, then the last name is called Konoshiro. The size of kohada is 3-4 inches.
Kohada is a group of herring. But skin is almost silver.
Generally kohada is cured with salt and marinated with vinegar.
But it is not like Saba, mackerel. Mackerel has more strong flavor.
I try to carry this fish everyday. Please try it. If you like saba, you will love kohada.
It is from Japan.

Taka’s Update

We are on a vacation but I am working for something. We will reopen on Wednesday.

This week FISH

I can say everything is fresh on Wednesday. I get some new fish from Japan on Thursday.
We have to eat seasonable fish and it is more fun to eat fish and sushi. I got an information from fish supplier. Tuna is not great today and tomorrow. All fishermen took vacations and they also need to take rests. I understand and I am right to get offs on Monday and Tuesday. Yellow fin tuna is available today and tomorrow. It means we don’t have good toro so far. I might get on Wednesday.

1,Locomotive syndrome

Have you had this word? About 80% of people more than 50 years old have problems with their bone and muscle and they might need special care in the future. Researchers ask them to do special training like leg up or squat . In Japan almost 47 millions people are facing locomotive syndrome. You can check below.
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New color for Summer of 2009

I just finished new paint at the restaurant. What do you think? I haven’t painted for a while( I think 2 years). I needed more accent and a little bit passionate color. This new color is called Apple Crisp. You can but at Home Depot. Behr number is 290D-5.
I will finish detail job on Monday and finish completely.
When is the next? I don’t know. When I feel bored, it is the time to change.

Nila, Chinese Chives

This is something good for your body. Nila is called Chinese chives. It has very strong smell. Some people say “Don’t kiss after eat nila.”
But who care about this? Eating good food is more important than kiss.
I use this for Japanese gyoza dumpling normally. But I add nila for okonomiyaki, Japanese seafood pancake.
Nila is good to eat in summer. Our body is very tired in summer and not much appetite.
So, why nila is good? Nila contains fiber, Beta carotene, Vitamin C, E, B1, B2, calcium, iron and potassium. And these works for prevention of flu, hardening of the arteries, cancer and high blood pressure.
This is excellent vegetables but smell. You have to eat and drink milk. Milk erases bad smell.
And you can kiss.