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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Taka’s Update

This week FISH

Tuna supply last week was not great but I got big eye tuna on Friday. And I carry O2 Tuna. This tuna is frozen and comes from Philippine. The quality is very good. They catch large size wild yellow fin tuna and apply oxygen before freeze. This means keep fresh after defrost and prevent juice drip. I tasted this in June and was really good. And it came finally last week. I did a blind test this tuna and fresh yellow fin tuna. And result was easy to say. O2 tuna was winner. This tuna might be future tuna supply. It is getting harder to get tuna year by year. And tuna demand is getting more and more. We need constant supply and need to rely on this kind of technology tuna. The price is not cheap but worth to pay with this quality.
Sanma, Japanese saury season was just started last week. Sanma is autumn fish and great for grilling. It is blue skin fish and contains DHA and EPA. We have take these from food not from supplement.

We open August 2nd Sunday.

I don’t want to open Sundays business but this is a special night. We will have Japanese mission from Japan and need to provide food. They come to Georgia every year and a coordinator likes our restaurant. I remember that was lunch party last year. And this year is Sunday dinner. We open for public this night. I normally make Japanese favorite appetizers for them. And I decided to do casual Japanese food. You can enjoy something not on the menu. So, if you have a plan to have sushi or Japanese food on Sunday, come to us. We open from 5pm-9pm.
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Sake Tasting

We had Sake tasting. This was from Japan America Society of Georgia. We had 30 people and got 5 sakes and 5 Japanese street foods.
Imade Slow cooked pork belly, Fishcake with okra, yakitori, Yakisoba(Japanese pasta) and Gyudon Curry( Beef curry and rice).
We are going to have next sake tasting on September 9th, Tuesday night.
Let me know if you are interested in. I did not decide what kinds of food I made.
But it is fun to make new foods.

Customers from Israel

What a surprise? We got customers from Israel, far away from here.
They are camping in North GA and just came to TAKA in Buckhead.

I was very happy to have them.
Was may face red? Yes, I got sake and beer.
I didn’t want to drink but had to drink sometimes.
Drinking is also my business. Happy Thursday!

Sanma, Autumn fish and Aaron

Sanma is just started. Sanma, Saury is seasonable fish. It is available from August to September. But this year’s season is a little bit early. I think this sanma comes from Hokkaido area. The body is very nice and has good fat. Sanma is rich in DHA and EPA. It is good for sashimi on the first day and good for grilling after that.
Aaron will go to Iraq on this Sunday. This mission is 12 months. He does media related job and I think he stays safe area. And he will not eat sashimi and sushi in Iraq. I don’t know there is sushi restaurant in Iraq. I know there are Japanese restaurant in Iran.
Anyway, good luck and see you next summer at TAKA. I’ll be here. Thanks, Aaron and Angie.

Taka’s Update

Taka’s Update July 13 2009
This week FISH
Tuna is not sure and uni also not sure. But I got good tuna last week and uni came 1 time last week. Al other fish are same and usual.
Sate Tasting on Thursday.
We have Sake tasting with Japan America Society of GA. A few seats are still available. If you are interested in, let me know. It is 16th Thursday 7pm. 5 sakes and 5 Japanese street foods for $40.

Happiest country of the world
This is from NEF, British think tank. They researched 143 countries in the world.
Costa Rica is No.1 2nd is Dominica, 3rd is Jamaica. England is 74 places and Japan is 75 places in advanced countries. USA is 114 places. This happiness percentage is calculated from people’s happiness with their life and environmental risk and more. Most of African countries are worst ranking.
Tokyo is No.1 for cost of living.
This is from Mercer, HR consulting company.
Tokyo came back to No.1 ( It was 2nd last year.)because of high Yen and low US dollar. This is very easy. Then index in NY is 100 and compare with other cities. They checked more than 200 points like transportation fee, house rent, food, entertainment and more.
So, Tokyo’s index is 143.7 and Osaka is 119.s. 3rd is Moscow , 4th is Geneva, 5th is Hong Kong.

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