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Monthly Archives: July 2009

A customer from San Antonio

Do you like Tequila?
Ms. Anahi works for 1921 Tequila.
She came to Atlanta for sales promotion and wanted to have sushi for supper.
She checked GPS and found 4. The first 3 could not make it and came to us.
It was almost around 10pm and I was drinking beer with customers. She was alone and ask her general questions. So I found out she was a sales rep of tequila company.
I had tequila once in Cancun. I did not like it but it was almost 10 years ago. I asked her for tasting. She brought from a car and I tasted 4 different tequila. 1st one was blanco, 2nd one was whisky barrel, 3rd one was oak barrel and last one was creamy taste.
All those were not bad. And everybody liked creamy tequila, just like Baileys.
Thanks, Anahi and see you in 6 months.

Black Cod marinated with Red wine & miso

I need to try something new always.
This is one of them.
Saikyo yaki is very popular dish. It is fish marinated with white miso, sake, mirin and sugar. I do it with Chilean Sea bass.
This is called what? French- Japanese? I have no idea.
But the taste is not bad.
I use red wine instead of sake. It is always fun to find something new cooking way.

Big eyetuna for this weekend.

Tuna is back to normal price.
The last week one was really expensive.
This is not bad.
It has chu-toro and very good red meat.
I can sell this until Sunday,
Good quality and reasonable price are good for you.

Taka’s Update

This week FISH

We did not get big eye tuna at the beginning but got later. The price was really high but quality was also the best. I might get same kind of tuna this week. I will post on blog when I get it.
Ishidai, Striped beak is the last week. The reason is price. It is $35/ lb and cannot make money. This is wild caught and great texture but cannot do volunteer. I will get Kurodai, Japanese Black Porgy from next week. It is almost same as Ishidai and price is lower. Of course, it is wild caught.

We open August 2nd this coming Sunday.

This is one and only. We open this Sunday. We open from 5pm-9pm.
I cannot play golf this weekend. Yu can expect casual Japanese food specials on this night.

Good economy is coming back?

You knew stock market was coming back last week. And Tokyo Stock market was also coming back. Tokyo Stock market Index jumped up to 10,000 again on Monday. So, do you feel everything is all right? I feel something bad to the future. One of reason is housing market and another reason is job market.
They are very connected. Unemployment rate is getting high every month. GA is already 10% and Metro Atlanta is 10.7%. MI is the worst and around 15%. National average is 9.5% but it will be 10% soon. People are losing job and need to give up owning house. Foreclosure is also rising. If they don’t have income, they have to sell the house but no one buys it now. American people have been using good housing market. American’s savings rate was very low. They used a magic box. It was because of hood housing market, their equity was up and they drew it and used it for buying car, furniture, traveling and more. After bubble housing market burst, they could make money any more. And they lost equity because of falling house price. Some analyst said that it might drop 40% from the highest price. I know $ 700,000 brand new house is $500,000 around my neighborhood. I know my neighbor try to sell their house and wait more than 6 months.
So I want to say company cut labor cost and stat to make profit. It is Ok but how about consumer? They are losing job and house, and getting worse.
I think company hire workers again in the future when they need it. And people can buy house again when they get money. Then housing market will go up after that, Then people can spend more money. It will take about 2 or 3 years from now. If it is so, why stock market is going up now? It is too early to go up because bad number come out soon. Financial stock show it. Goldman Sacks and just a few banks are winner and other banks are loser. The need to prepare for losing money from credit card crisis and bad housing loan. They also have so many houses and lose money from it. So I feel stock market is up for a while and go down again someday. What do you think? Some one is behind scene and doing special operation. They are smart guys and they sell at the highest. And ordinary people buy more and lose money near future. More people buy gold for secure asset. US dollar is also facing crisis. China is already mention this and they try to reduce holdings of US dollar. Japan is almost like America’s colony and die for the US.
Don’t cut your food cost.
So bad economy and many people try to cut cost. It is natural. But you cannot cut food cost. If you go to cheap and junky food, you can fill stomach and save money. But you are going to pay a lots of money in the future. It is medical cost. If you get diabetes in the future, you have to pay a lots and same as other medical problem. Eating good food is the fast lane for the saving money.

Animal fat increase pancreatic cancer

This is from Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
Red meat and daily products fat increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. They researched more than 500,000 of AARP(American Association of Retired Persons). Maximum risk is 53% higher in men and 23% higher in women.
Americans need to reduce taking of fat. And need to take more vegetables. I think fresh salad is the best. French fry, mush potato, baked potato with butter are obviously bad. Do you like lobster? What do you use for eating? BUTTER? Oh my God. It is bad. Yiu have to change American tradition, use pepper, lemon and salt. That’s enough. I hate to use butter for that because it is very heavy for me.

New tuna for this weekend

This is new tuna for this weekend.
My cost is very high, means have good toro. You can say and I can tell the thickness of toro.
This is stomach side and with Oh-toro.
I don’t know how many more available.
We have Microsoft convention this week. We got Microsoft Spain last night.
Tuna price is getting high. It went up 5-10% compared with last month.
It is hard to get wild caught bigeye tuna recently.
If you see toro everyday somewhere, it is frozen ohtoro from Croatia, Australia, Spain. You also can see Kindai tuna, this is Japanese farm raised tuna in Wakayama. Kindai is a name of Japanese University and they are farming blue fin tuna in the sea. It is not easy to farm tuna in a small net.