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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Weight Loss Program Result

I already finished my weight loss program. It was a small success. I went to 162 lb and stopped.
It was 168 at the beginning and 162 at the ending was not bad.
The keys are below.
1, Scale your weight at least 3 time a day. You can become more sensitive for a little gain.
2, Don’t eat much at late night. You should not eat anything after 10pm.
3, Beer is OK. American beer is not beer and help to fill hungry stomach.
4, Mind control is important. Brain is hungry and stomach is not hungry.
5, Get sweat everyday and drink water or oolong tea.
6, Skip meat and rice, bread but eat vegetables and soup.
7, Your strong will can support your target.

By the way, do you have kids? Read below.
Prevention for kids over weight
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A Cat head in the restaurant?

Oh my God. I just finished a special birthday for my customer. We were hungry and I asked my staff to go to M restaurant in Chamblee. They said NO.
They told me this. This Chinese restaurant got a health inspection. The inspector found a cat head in a trash box. So, where was a body? They immediately shut down this restaurant and were investigating the body.
I know Chinese eat everything move. I cannot eat cat or dog.
Do they use meat for something cook? Or they just use it for broth. I have no idea.
I used to go there sometimes but not any more.
Actually, the former owner sold the business and a new owner is doing business for a while.
At that time, they made around $6000 everyday and cash only.
I thought the former owner made enough money and moved back to China or Hong Kong.
I don’t eat much Chinese or Korean recently. Most of them use MSG and that makes me a headache.

I did not confirm this by myself. I heard from Indonesian staffs.

Taka’s Update May 21st.

This is 2nd time of this week because I will not send next week.

This weekend Fish

I got very good tuna yesterday. It is available all this weekend.
We will be closed from 24th- 26th for Memorial Day Break.

Diet Info

I hit 163.2lb yesterday. So, I am keeping max 165 and minimum 160 ranges so far. I think I start to eat ice cream.

Brush Info

We started brush service for all customers from last weekend. We provide you a brush and special soy sauce when you order sushi. You can take less sodium and can feel real sushi taste. I always say that fish need soy sauce and rice doesn’t need it.
But many customers dip rice side and eat and they say it is good sushi. It is not good sushi. Those people eat soy sauce with sushi. I have no idea who starts this kind of bad manner. I have to correct to right way and want everybody to keep healthy.
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Taka’s Update May 18th.

This week Fish

New tuna is coming today. It is big eye tuna. Uni is available. It is very sweet.
All other fish are same as usual.
We will be closed from 24th- 26th for Memorial Day Break.

Vinegar works for your body.

1 or 2 of large spoons vinegar can decrease visceral fat and neutral fat in blood. It is from Mizkan, Japanese vinegar producer research. Acetate in included in vinegar and it Inhibit the synthesis of fat. It also promotes far burning. The research was used by apple vinegar. They tested 175 adults from 25 ~ 60 years old. A researcher says, it is good prevention or improvement of metabolic syndrome. But have to take everyday otherwise fat is going to back.
Is this mean eating sushi every week makes us in good shape? Or eating salad with vinegar related dressing works well? Maybe, it is so.
Additional Info: Vinegar makes blood pressure lower and cholesterol level in blood lower. Sounds good?
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Weight Loss Program Day 9

Sorry for skipping 5 days.
My weight was 136.6lb this morning. It was 165.7 last night.
If I didn’t eat french fry and chicken wing, I could lose more.
But anyway, I am doing well.
163lb is a kind of safety zone.
The picture is Soba Salad, buckwheat noodle salad. and I ear 2 or 3 times a week for lunch.
It is on a menu and you can order.

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