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Monthly Archives: April 2009

One of the Best tuna.

This is almost perfect tuna.
It is big eye tuna and stomach side with ohtoro.
I give AAA- rating, means very high.

Taka’s Update April 27th

This week Fish

April is almost over. Our sales are good and will be higher than last year again.
I have good tuna and toro today. Uni is coming on today. Live scallop is also coming on today.
I got Hiramasa, young yellow tail last week. It was 1 size smaller than hamachi.
Hamachi is promotion fish. It is same fish but changes name 4 times.

Beer tasting on tomorrow was canceled.

There are 3 stories related with bad economy.

A: A stripper from Morgan Stanley

Do you know this story? It appears the NYPost may have been duped. WallStFolly pieces some biographical information together on Randi Newton to suggest her story doesn’t make sense. Here’s her IMDB profile. Perhaps it was just one of those stories that was just too good to check out. As the ranks of Wall Streeters thin, it seems inevitable that stripper salaries will go down. But at this point, there’s still enough business that a laid off banker can do pretty well pole dancing. You know, at least for the female ones.
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How about this?

Is this delicious?
It is called Toro, uni, ikura don.
It is from Japanese menu.
I don’t know why Japanese like uni, ikura and toro.
So, this is dream team don.
Oh, don means rice with something.
We have una-don( eel with rice), tekka-don(tuna with rice), Oyako-don( chicken with rice) and more.

2 different green onions

Left green onion grew inside of the house and right one grew outside of the house.
Both were same, means 2 weeks passed.
I reuse cut green onion. I did last year this and was really surprised. I can use 2 times and save money.
I had it at home and was tired to plat to outside and left in a cup with water for a while. Then trunk was growing and just left there.
But there are big different with these.
The color and texture are completely different.
The green onion grew under the sunshine was dark green and strong.
I think this is same as human beings. We need to get sunshine sometimes. We are human beings and we are creature.
We can survive because of the right distance of Sun and the Earth. So, we have to take a benefit from the Sun. We see so many green house vegetables now. Try to buy fresh vegetables grow under the Sun. I am making those vegetables at backyard of the restaurant.
The good thing is sunshine is free.

It happens sometimes.

This kind of tuna happens sometimes.
What happen? After fishermen catch the tuna, they need to load on the boat. Tuna move around and hit a lots. So tuna get bruise.
It is just like human beings. We cannot judge from outside because of thick skin. But toro is there just inside of skin.
I normally ask the supplier discount for this.
Taste is OK, not much diffrence,
But I throw away some bad parts.