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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Taka’s Update

This week Fish

Tuna supply is same as last week. Cannot expect great one but can expect OK tuna. Uni is not coming for a couple of days because of bad weather in CA.
I just started Sayori, saury. This slender beautiful fish is in season.

Patio Special

We have Sangria for patio season. We do white, red and plum. You should try plum sangria. It is only Taka.
Yuzu sake is also available. It has a nice citrus flavor of yuzu.
Then I have Tuna poke for special. Poke is Hawaiian style tuna sashimi.
I use pineapple for sauce. It is popular and people love it.

March Sales is higher than last year.

Thank you for your business at TAKA. Our business in March is higher than last year. I am very happy to say this. Thanks again.
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Some of Izakaya menu

Hey, I just started these items in Japanese menu. Both are kinds of Izakaya food.
Izakaya, Japanese pub is getting popular here in US.
Basically, Izakaya menus are not healthy.
We go to Izakaya because reasonable and variety of dishes. We eat so many fried items Fried food stimulates our brain and ask us drink more beer then we get fat. It is OK once a week or every 2 weeks.
1, Shishamo Amazu -zuke, Cappeline marinated with sweet vinegar.
We like shishamo. This tiny fish has roe and can eat from head to tail.
I know some Americans hate see fish head. Normally, we don’t waste much. Especially in case of small fish, we eat all of them. It might be tough item for normal Americans. But you can try.

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Taka’s Update March 23 2008

This week Fish

I had a great tuna last week. I am looking forward to see again this week. Everything is backing to normal.

Sake Tasting

I do sake tasting on March 31st Tuesday Night at 6:30pm.
Please send me an e-mail or call at 404-869-2802 for this. $40 with food.
A few seats are available now.

1,What do you think of this?

One fine day, the God saw wolves eat baby sheep and felt bad. So, he pulled over the fangs and changed wolves to sheep. Sheep were having peaceful life. But a few years later, amount of sheep were increasing and strong sheep eat a lots of glasses in the field and weak sheep began to starve.
He felt bad for watching starving sheep. And he gave equal lands for sheep and fighting was over. But all of them became thin and weak and died. He could not expand land.
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One of the best tuna in March

It is very hard to get good tuna this month.
I finally got a good one on Friday.
This big eye tuna is very good condition
There is nor problem until Tuesday.
Great tuna makes me happy and I can make my customers happy.
Spring Break? We don’t have it. Just do it.

A Special for someone

He needs something special. He asked a waitress to make something special. He told her he liked uni, miruigai, ika.
I got a message.
1, Toro with uni
2, Ika with uni
3, Scallop with uni
4, Sweet shripm with uni
This is a parade of uni and that he wants.
I went to the guy’s table. He was very happy.
I charged $50 for this plate. Is it expensive or Cheap?
I always welcome specials.