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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Italian dish is your life saver.

I cooked Italian for my golf friends on Sunday. It is fun to cook for my friend. It is not for money making and for pleasure.
I play golf with friends once a month. They come to my house after play. I ask them to come my place. I charge $20 and can drink wine and food. It is cheaper than going to the restaurants.
Anyway, I made Italian this time and I thought. American people need to eat Italian. Especially, someone who has a financial crisis, someone who has food stamp from local government.

You don’t know much about your own country.
We have 35,000,o0o of poverty in this country. We are not living in Cuba, North Korea. We are living in the United States of America and have so many poverty here. Why?
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Taka’s Update Feb. 23-2009

This week Fish

I got big eye tuna last week. That one was with chu-toro. I have no idea this week. Winter season is always hard to get good tuna.
CA’s uni is Ok now. It comes on today. Boston area fish is also same.

1, The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Report

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan made an announcement last week about pension. So far, the government pays 1/3 of pension but need to raise , otherwise this pension system cannot pay in the year of 2020. Japanese population is decreasing but old people live longer ever and their proportion is increasing. That means worker’s burden is increasing more and more. Basically, worker’s payment support retired people pension.

2, Need money? Sell your hair.

Have you seen hairtader.com? I think you know auto trader.com. You can place your ad and sell hair on this site. Popular hairs are virgin hair. What is virgin hair? It is not colored, permanent. It is just natural hair. The price range is around $150~$200. If you have a long and nice virgin hair, try it.
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Taka’s Update

This week Fish

I have not received any big eye tuna for last 2 weeks. But I will get it on today. It is available for next 3-4 days. It will be a nice 7 years anniversary night on Thursday. But some weather issues show up. Uni is not coming for 2-3 days because of west coast weather issue and live scallop is not coming because of north east weather issue Uni actually came yesterday and still available.

1, Just like buying [Made in USA.]

Panasonic ordered their employees to buy more than $1000 of Panasonic products. The company asked about 10,000 of managers and minimum is $1000 before July. This is called “Buy Panasonic Action”. They actually did same thing in 2002. I welcome Intel’s investment in AZ or NM. They make factories and make chips or something. They are made in USA. It stimulates our economy. I want more companies come back to US and build factories and hire blue colors.
I don’t know what items are suitable and can compete with made in China. But there are something can beat made in China.
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Taka’s Update

This week Fish

I got big eye tuna on last Friday but was not great for toro. I just called our supplier and still negative answer. All other fish are fine, no problem.

February 19th Thursday

Happy birthday TAKA. Yes, we opened February 19th 2002. 7 years anniversary is coming very soon. This day is going to be a customers appreciation day. We offer 7cents beer, sake and edamame. 7 dollars wines by the bottle are also available. Thank you so much for your royalty and support. We are doing well. January sales was 256% higher than last year. Please make your reservation asap. You can send me an e-mail at axistaka@msn.com
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Taka’s Update

This week Fish

Review of last week tuna: I got big eye tuna and was old one. Old means age wise old, not freshness. So, meat was soft, size was big and toro was not super excellent. I felt a little bit sorry for the customers ordered toro last week. That’s wild fish, not the same always. So far, negative news for tuna this week and looking for Wednesday or Thursday. All other fish are fine as usual.

A, How to improve your memory

This is from a university research in Germany.
They made 3 groups. A group: the intake of the calorie is decreased by 30%.
B group: increased the intake of the unsaturated fatty acid with the theory of useful for the prevention of the acknowledgment syndrome more than usually by 20%. Group C: nothing special has done.
All groups took tests for memorizing words. ( Actually all groups took same tests before the research.) The result was group A’s score was 20% higher and other group were same.
How do we explain this result? It becomes easy for insulin that adjusts the blood sugar level in the inside of the body to work by limiting the calorie. This has some and good influence for the cranial nerve.

B, How about other ways to improve your memory.

Epicatechin is good for improvement of memory. This is from Salk Institute in US. Epicatechin contains in berries, chocolate and tea. This improves the circulation of the blood in the brain.

C, How about other things.

Breakfast is a key and very important.
The traffic accident rate of the persons who don’t eat breakfast are high.
Moreover, when it is a student, it is understood that concentration in the classroom is low. The brain power may be improved, and only the custom of firmly eating breakfast be called a secret that prevents the brain cell from growing old.
While we are sleeping at night, our brain energy is almost zero and body energy is also spent all. When we wake up in the morning, we don’t have any power at all and glucose becomes the source of energy. So we need carbohydrate in the morning. Carbohydrate changes to glycogen in our body and becomes the material of glucose. What should we eat? We can imagine bread or rice.
You may say both are same but not same. Rice is better than bread. Because rice contains lecithin. Lecithin works for improvement of memory. Lecithin contains in natto (fermented soybean), egg, sea urchin, tofu and ginkgo nuts.
When our brain is getting old, our memory power is decreasing. In order to stop this and refresh our brain, those food are great.
So, the best breakfast is Curry rice with natto, boiled egg. I made this by myself and ate this morning. Curry also stimulates our brain.

D, Buy Mitsubishi and get $1000.

This is from Soja city in Okayama, Japan.
Mitsubishi automobile is located in Soja city and other parts makers are also there. About 5500 people work Mitsubishi related companies and city wants to keep their employment. So city council decided to give $1000 when Soja residents buy Mitsubishi car. Also city buys 10 of Mitsubishi cars.

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Picture: The best Breakfast for your brain