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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Taka’s Update December 09 2008

This week: Fish

I could not get enough uni because of bad weather in CA. But It came yesterday. Tuna is OK. I have big eye tuna with toro. And I am waiting an answer for Wednesday and Thursday.

A: Chinese Japanese in increasing in Japan.

Can you believe this? One out of 150 baby was a Chinese in 2006. This means father or mother was Chinese or both were Chinese. Japan is asia-nized a little by a little. We had 720,000 marriages in 2007 and one out of 18 marriage was International marriage. This is not a surprising thing here in US but Japan is changing.

B: Suicide is increasing.

About 33,000 people died with suicide last year in Japan. More than 30,000 people is 10 years straight high. Men were almost 71%. The motivation were several but health problem was top and financial problem came next and domestic problem was 3rd.
At age, between 55-64 years olds were top in men and more than 75 years old were top in women. Suicide is increasing in the US, too.
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Oden, Japanese Bouillabaisse

What do you think I say Japanese bouillabaisse?
I think I am right.
Oden is traditional and casual winter dish in Japan.
It is not expensive and kind of street food.
Broth is light and flavorful.
I make this broth with short rib, sake, mirin, sea salt, kelp.
Beef fat melt in the broth and add good flavor.
What is in it? Egg, Devil’s tongue (yum cake), potato, daikon radish, several kinds of fish cake, fried tofu.
It takes 2 days to make and taste is better day by day. This is a harmony of beef broth and vegetables. It doesn’t look good much and I know some people don’t like.
But I like it and I make. It is available on Thursday-Friday in winter.

Big eye tuna December 02 2008

I can say this is one of the best of December.
I know December is just started.
But, I can say that.
Tuna supply is not great in winter especially from January to March.
Out cost is a little bit high but still affordable.
Toro is very beautiful.
It is available for next 3 days.

Taka’s Update December 01 2008

Taka’s Update December 1 2008
This week Fish
I have medium toro on Monday and wait next arrival on Tuesday or Wednesday. All other fish are fine. I started golden pompano for grilled fish. The meat is same as Hamachi and contains DHA a lot.
A; Are you an Italian man? You are the best!
Italians are considered the most handsome men in the world, while men who are balding and aging do not necessarily lose their looks, according to an international survey on what makes men attractive.
A “Male Beauty” survey of nearly 10,000 men and women in 12 countries conducted by market research firm Synovate found that good hygiene was actually the top requirement for men to being considered handsome.
The second main requirement to be considered good-looking was confidence, with nearly one fifth of all respondents saying a man must carry himself well, followed by having a “great smile.”
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