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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Taka;s Update December 23rd 2008

This week Fish

New tuna is coming today. I think many people are on vacation. We opens today buy will be closed on 24th and 25th.

Live scallop has a little problem because of bad weather in NE area.

A; Don’t eat much and don’t drink much.

It is a time to eat and drink. Parties every week? According to a survey, many people gain weight after New Year’s Day. That’s because people eat and drink and not much exercise. It is cold winter and many people stay at home. It is a great chance to play golf because no much people play in cold winter. Golf fee is cheaper than summer time. You can save money and don’t need to wait.
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For your good luck of 2009

How was your 2008? For me, it was the best year. We made the highest sales in 2008.
So, we need another good year in 2009.
You think so. Everybody needs good and better 2009.
So, let’s do Japanese, no no Taka’s way of praying.
Drink Gold leaves sake and bring money to your wallet.
Believe or not, this is our free offer.
I did same promotion last year.
We need to welcome good financial luck.
We will do this New Year’s Eve and the first week of January.
But we need work hard for money. Praying is mental support and not real support.

Nigori Sake full line

I finally got a full line of nigori, unfilter sake.
from left: Yaegaki, Awayuki and Shirakawago.

Yaegaki is classic type and very thick, heavy and sweet.
Awayuki is just middle. not much thick but not much light.
The last one is Shirakawago. This is Jyunmai Ginjyo, means pure rice but flavored and light.
You can taste and find your favorite nigori sake.

Fresh Amaebi, Sweet Shrimp from Maine

Some people know this shrimp is so good. The season starts a little bit earlier than last year.
You don’t know fresh is really great.
This shrimp has eggs around stomach area.
How do we eat? Simple is the best. Juts fry and eat whole body from head to tail.
You can take natural calcium from this shrimp.
I get this tomorrow. Please make sure I have or not. Call me.