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Monthly Archives: November 2008

One of the best tuna in November

What a great toro! There is no question. The price is a little bit high but who care.

Condition is also not bad. Fresh and firm, no worm, stomach side.
I sold a lots of abuli on Friday.
Come to get this tuna. It is available until Monday.


This is also new item. The name is taira-gai but real name is tairagi. English name is pen shell.
It is almost same as scallop but meat is harder than that.
They live 5-15m of ocean, of course in the sand.
It is good for sushi, sashimi. The season is winter time and taste is sweet.


I got a new fish. Some people know this. It is Kinme-dai. Dai(tai) means snapper family but this is not. The shape looks like snapper or sea bream and eye color is gold, that’s why we call kin(gold) me(eye) dai( snapper).
English name is more complicated. The name is splendid alfonsino. They live in deep ocean everywhere in the world. This fish is very fatty and because of living place. And they get more fat in winter time. I can tell when I cut the fish.
It is good for sashimi, sushi and cooking with heavy dashi soy sauce. The mouth is very unique and I open with my finger. They can get very wide and can eat big fishes.
I will keep this for winter time.

Taka’s Update Nov. 17th 2008

This week Fish

Oh my God, only 10 days to Thanksgiving Day. It is very fast than I expect. Christmas is coming in 40days and 2009 is coming 46 days. Tuna supply is not bad. I can get good one at least once a week. All other fish are fine.

Bring Bento box?

According to the survey, 36% of Japanese office workers bring lunch box( we call it bento box) from their home and try to save money. It was only 10% a year ago. Many people reduce eating restaurants for lunch. Their budget is $6.09 average and Tokyo is $6.73.

Do not go to Nebraska to dump your children.

A governor of Nebraska complained about people , they dumped their children in Nebraska. Under the new law in July this year, 35 babies and children were dumped in Nebraska. Actually, they left them and went to somewhere. So the governor said “Please don’t bring your children to leave.”
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Pork Belly

We don’t have much customer to eat pork, but it is OK. I love pork.
Tonkatasu, crispy fried pork tenderloin is my favorite. I also like katsu-don, tonkatsu with steamed rice.
Pork belly is called buta-bara, pork’s stomach.
It is easy to make. I just need to cook slow and long time.
I add some vegetables for flavor.
It is available in Japanese menu.
I am expanding Japanese menu. There are 2 reasons.
Japanese like those kinds of food. I need to shift to izakaya style food because of bad economy.
This dish is only $5. There is no risk to order. We don’t charge if you don’t like this.