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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Big eye tuna October 02 2008

October is just started. But this tuna is the best of October, maybe.
There is no oh-toro but have nice toro.
This is stomach side and no pronlem at all.
Please come and get it.

Taka’s Update October 1st 2008

This week fish.

It’s gonnabe a tough week. First of all, there is no toro so far. I made sure when big eye tuna was coming. It will come this Friday but not much toro. On the other hand, uni is no problem and other fish are fine.

This Month Special

Yes, it is October and we only have 3 months and Christmas is coming in 86 days. October is German month, Oktoberfest. Do I have to sell potato and sausage? There is no obligation but I want to try. So, let’s celebrate Oktoberfest!We sell Japanese sausage and my special potato plus special price of beer. Japanese sausage? What is that? Is it made with tofu or soy bean ? No, I buy sausage from Japanese company here in USA. And potato? I cook potato with slow cooked short rib sauce. This is really yummy.

A: I do not like to write about financial crisis much this time.

B: Rich people is growing in Asia.

Rich people in Asia is growing. 2007 number was 12.5% higher than 2006. It was 3rd position and 23% of all over the world. Actually 1st place was North America, 2nd was Europe. And it will be 2nd place by 2012.
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