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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Yudedako, Boiled octopus

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Check SpellingI got boiled octopus this time. This is not frozen.
We’ve been carried frozen octopus for a long time.
Some people like octopus but not much and hard to sell it.
But it is great for sunomono, with cucumber salad.
And this octopus is not frozen and has good texture and no juice comes out. Fresh is better than nothing.
The only the problem is price. And I need to buy a whole octopus. I think I can sell it for a week with chilled.
Come by and try fresh boiled octopus. And feel the difference.

Beef Tongue

Do you eat Beef tongue? We, Asian like that.
You can get it around $7-$9 here. There are many ways to cook it.
Korean style is yakiniku, BBQ. Thinly sliced tongue is very good with salt and lemon.
I made corned tongue last year. I marinated with some vegetables and salt for 2 weeks and cooked for 2-3 hours.
Beef tongue stew is also yummy.
This time, I cooked it with salt, vegetables and kelp for 4 hours.
This is a special for this weekend.

Let’s make Croquette


This is Japanese food but I think French food.

We really like croquette.

You need to prepare: potato, onion, carrot, ground beef (if you like), pepper, salt, butter, panko, egg, flour, oil for fry and sauce) ketchup and something).

1, Boil potato and carrot. Saute onion and ground beef.(Use butter for saute.)
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Big eye tuna October 21 2008

This is big eye tuna. It came on yesterday. It was so fresh and need to wait a couple days to get mature.

It is just like fruits. It takes a few day to get ripe.

But this toro is not super excellent. I normally sells good toro for $12 but I cannot sell this same price. Maybe around $8.50 is reasonable price for this toro.

I try to get fresh tuna and always happen like this. We never know. I hate farm raised oh-toro things. I know our customers know the difference.

Taka’s Update October 19th 2008

This week fish.

I will get good tuna on tomorrow. I have not gotten any good one last week. So, this week is very bright so far. It was a good weekend for business. We need to get it over.

This Month Special

We do Oktoberfest Special. Get Draft beer pitcher for $10.00. Even bad economy, we need to drink and be happy on surface. And November 1st is Sushi Day. This year’s Key word is ” Employee price for you.” You pay that we pay. Sounds good? We do not have 100 years of history and only 7 years but it is OK. So, employee’s discount for you once a year. Please make a reservation. Some people have made it already.

All about brain this time!!


CHICAGO? The more alcohol an individual drinks, the smaller his or her total brain volume, according to a report in the October issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Brain volume decreases with age at an estimated rate of 1.9 percent per decade, accompanied by an increase in white matter lesions, according to background information in the article. Lower brain volumes and larger white matter lesions also occur with the progression of dementia and problems with thinking, learning and memory.
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