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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Hitachino Beer

Do you know Hitachino beer? It is made in Japan.
We carry this premium beer for November Special.
There are 3 kinds of flavor.
These beer’s alcohol % is high. One of them is 7%.
So, might me a good winter drink.

A great gift for someone

We use this cold sake container for serving.
And you can buy this. It is $17 for 1 container, 2 cups.
There are 2 colors, green and blue.
I think this is a great gift for someone likes cold sake.
Please ask servers.

Shirako, Spermary

This is shirako, fish spermary. We normally eat Cod, monk fish and blowfish. I never seen monk fish spermary. I had eaten blow fish spermary one time in my life. And this is from cod.
Why do we eat this kind of thing? It tastes good and good for our body, very rare and seasonable.
Shirako help our night life, I can say it is good for sex.
And it is good prevention for aging, cancer.
I recommend you eat when you feel tired.
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Taka’s Update October 27 2008

This week fish.

It is very hard to get good tuna right now. I got once last week but was not good toro. Anyway, business is download and have enough fish in the market.

With Hot Coffee, We See a Warm Heart, Yale Researchers Find

Our judgment of a person’s character can be influenced by something as simple as the warmth of the drink we hold in our hand. In the current issue of the journal Science, Yale University psychologists show that people judged others to be more generous and caring if they had just held a warm cup of coffee and less so if they had held an iced coffee. In a second study, they showed people are more likely to give something to others if they had just held something warm and more likely take something for themselves if they held something cold.The study builds upon earlier work by the authors that shows the physical distance between individuals also influences their social judgments about another person.The research suggests that saying that someone is warm or that you feel distant from a friend or relative are more than simple metaphors. They are literal descriptions of emotions such as trust, first experienced during the intimate bond formed between mother and child during infancy.”When we ask whether someone is a warm person or cold person, they both have a temperature of 98.6 “¯ said John A Bargh, a professor of psychology at Yale and co-author of the paper with Lawrence E. Williams of the University of Colorado who received his Ph.D. from Yale earlier this year. “These terms implicitly tap into the primitive experience of what it means to be warm and cold.”¯Psychologists have long noted the importance of warm physical contact with caregivers in developing healthy relationships as adults.
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My dogs, Chealsea and Stephanie

Let me introduce my dogs.
Sesame color is Chealsea, Shiba-inu from Japan. Actually born is GA but 100% Japanese blood. This is very smart hunting dog. She is 3 years old.
And Stephanie is dux mix and comes from Atlanta humane society. She is 14 years old. Steph has been with me for 11 years. She is old granma but still behaves like a baby.
They are not much together normally. But I found this scene last night. They shared a bed and looked friendly.
So, I shot this photo.