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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Mr,. Martin Hackel

Mr. Hackel is fashion Director of Golf Digest. And I have a driver from Japan. This Marman driver’s price is $2500. You cannot see well but there are some diamonds in the shaft.
Crazy? maybe.
The left guy is Bob Child. He makes gator belts for PGA professionals. Phil, Ian, Lee, Sergio and so many PGA tour players buys special belts from him.
You can visit his store in Buckhead. Flemings is located on Peachtree Rd. cross the street from Publix.

Sake Tasting

We had Sake Tasting last Thursday. Almost 30 people joined this special event.
They tasted 4 diff rent sakes and 5 dishes from me. And they got something specials from Fukushima. These were ramen noodle, Sanma kanroni, miso onigiri, and more.
I really enjoy this kind of event. We can enjoy real Japanese food with good sake.
I want to do this kind of tasting event more often.

Flat Tire? Go to Kauffman Tire!

I got a flat tire yesterday. A big nail was in front left tire.

Air pressure was OK and I brought my truck this morning to Kauffman Tire. It was free.

I knew they did before for sales promotion. But they are doing all the time for free.

Go to Kauffman Tire when you get a flat tire. Thanks Mr. Mark Kauffman.

Big eye tuna September 23 2008

I got very good bigeye tuna today. It came with Ohtoro.
This tuna is very fresh and takes 1 more day to
ready to eat.
This is not the best of 2008 but Top 10 of 2008, but Top 3 of September.
Tuna, Toro and Oh toro are available.

Ian Poulter

Do you know this guy? He is Ian Poulter, PGA Tour player.
You might see him last week on TV. He is British and this is 4th visiting to TAKA.
I make special sushi for hime every Masters.
He was drinking until 8 am after Ryder Cupon Sunday.
Then he flew to Atlanta for CM shooting and came to TAKA.
He will go back to England tomorrow. And go to Korea, Japan, China and Singapore to play.
I told him,” Hey, Ian You can save a lots of milage.”
He is a good guy and very polite.