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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Sanma is in season.

Sanma is Autumn fish. It is well fat and tasty. It is not good for sushi and sashimi but super excellent for grilled.
I like it and smokey flavor make me appetite.
It is available from now to at the beginning of October.
My autumn is no coming without sanma.

Shima Aji, Striped Jack

This is shima aji, striped jack. See the first picture. I took a picture with aji, Japanese jack fish.

They are same family. Shima has two meanings. One is stripe and another is island. There are 2 stories about naming of shima aji. 1~ Shima aji had yellow strip on the body when it is baby. 2~ Shima aji was caught around islands. No one knows the truth.

Most of shima aji is farm raised. See the second picture. White part is fat and there is no gap at all. This is typical farm raised fish. They eat food not small fish and get fat because they are in a small net and cannot swim much. Does your stomach like this? We need exercise. Shima aji meat is close to kampachi or hamachi, very white.

It is hard to find wild shima aji. They get from New Zealand in Japanese market.

Shima aji contains EPA and DHA.

Big eye tuna August 26 2008

I like this kind of tuna. The size is 20lb for 1/4, means total weight is 100-120lb.

They have nice toro inside and price is not bad.

It is good condition and last 3-4 days.

Ankimo, Monk fish pate

Ankimo, Monk fish liver pate. I sometimes say sea foie gras.
It come in fresh. It is really ugly because of it is inside of fish.
I cure with salt for 30 minutes. Then, wash with sake and take dirty parts.
Then, roll with bamboo mat and steam for 20-25 minutes.
It is easy to make it. We normally eat with ponzu sauce.
It is available all year. But I don’t like to sell in summer. Ankimo is winter dish basically. We have to show season dish. So I just started to sell from last week.

Taka’s Update August 25 2008

This week fish.

Big eye tuna is coming on tomorrow. I still think the tuna we got 2 weeks ago is the best of 2008. I tried to but new fish like Suzuki but cannot make it. Wild fish has season and hard to keep it all the time. I deal with Shima-Aji this tiem. It will come tomorrow. And Samna, Saury is coming on tomorrow. Autumn is fish season.We will be closed Labor Day, September 1-2(Monday-Tuesday).

A: A death of Stephanie Tubbs Jones

The first black woman senator, Stephanie Tubbs Jones died last week. It was Brain hemorrhage. I just wrote about this last week. To prevent this kind of sudden death, we need to eat good food for blood and blood vessel.
See below. These items make your blood clean and smooth.
1, Reduce meat and shift to fish.
2, Seaweed, mush room and green, yellow vegetables are good. Onion and garlic are also good.
3, Reduce snacks and sweet fruits.
4, Drink tea Read More →