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Monthly Archives: July 2008

The best Brie I ever had.

Do you like cheese? Do you like brie? I do like.
This brie is really taste good. It is from Costco and made in France.
I try not eat much cheese. I gain weight very easily with cheese.
But I have a good news. Taking calcium from daily products is good prevention of cerebral apoplexy. Milk is good and cheese is good. Taking calcium make blood pressure lower. It is good to know. The price is around $8. You can find this at next to wine corner.

New Hot sake, Again?

I just changed hot sake about 2 months ago. It is selling well.

But I need to change again. The reason is simple. The original one ( Miyano Yuki) is out of stock for a while.

This new sake is called Tsukinowa, Moon ring. It comes from Iwate, northen area of Japan. I think Tsukinowa is better than Miyano Yuki. Th price is also higher but I get a good deal. I can get promotion price and can sell same price as Miyano Yuki.

Some sake doesn’t need to heat up hot. It is OK sometimes warm temperature. Koji, Sake Master told me make warm this sake. And another reason is simple. If you heat it hot, alcohol is gone. You just drink sake without alcohol.

Publix premium ice cream

Two customers told me that Publix premium ice cream was good. They said chocolate ice cream.
So I went to Publix and tried to buy but there were a few kinds.
1st one is with fake sugar. 2nd one is low fat. I think they have original one means natural, no fake sugar and no low fat. But I could not find it.
Anyway, I ate 1st and 2nd. Both were not bad.

Big eye tuna July 29 2008

This is big eye tuna. I wrote about size around 200lb.
I figured out after I asked our supplier. He told me than 1/4 size was 40lb. 40 x 4 = 160 and plus head and tail and bone. I thought almost 200lb of whole body.
I liked stomach side because of oh toro.
Many people think oh toro is fattiest part. Yes or No. It depends on tuna. This one is A- grade. But I might change the grade later. Some tuna come very fresh and cannot judge sometimes. I can say later means I need to see 2 days later. Believe or not, tuna color change and get fat sometimes.
I got 1 return from a customer who ordered oh toro sushi. I knew it. I made seared oh toro but my server told me they got it as appetizer. So, I made fresh one and the customer said too chewy to eat. That’s why I seared. Anyway, I dumped fresh one and gave them seared oh toro and he was happy. They need to listen what I say. But they thought oh toro should be soft and oily. It is farm raised oh toro. I don’t carry it. Fresh and wild is better for me.
Who want to eat man made toro?

Big eye tuna July 23””2008

I got good bigeye tuna today.
Picture 1: This isstomach side and a quarter of fish. The weight is 22lb.
Picture 2: I took a picture from top. Can you see 2 holes. This is worm’s hole. Tuna is wild caught and have worms sometimes. Don’t worry, we cut it off and don’t use it.
Picture 3: This is from side and I can figure how much toro in it.
Picture 4: After take skin off, I will use a spoon and take premium toro part.