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Monthly Archives: May 2008


Have you had a name of Seacology? Seacology is NPO in California. They are an environmental protection organization. I found them accidentally from Internet. I read their home page and was impressed. I sent a mail to them immediately and started donation from November 2007.

I just got “Seacology fellow.” I donate $500 from restaurant which is almost 1% of sales and $50 from my personal check. Seacology is rated 5 stars NPO in USA. If you see “50 simple things you can do save the Earth”, Seacology is page 28-29, save the coral reefs. Seacology help the people who try to break environment for living. Most of them are islanders. Instead of ruin the natural environment and making money for living, Seacology give them money and build school or make something for them.
I says our customers. Eat at Taka and save the world! Yes!

In detail and donation ? go to seacology.org.

Earthquake and continent plate

There was a big earthquake in China. That are has a lots of earthquake. Don’t be surprised. It will happen again. We are living on a floating continent. But we don’t feel we are floating. Because continent is too heavy to feel it. I had 1 or 2 earthquake a week when I was in Tokyo. It is very common in Japan. That area of China is on Eurasian Plate but connected with Indian Australian Plate. Indian Australian Plate is pushing Eurasian Plate and hit each other. Hitting plate cause earthquake. Japan is more complicated. Japan is on 3 continent plate, Pacific Plate, Philippine Plate and Eurasian Plate. So, we cannot be surprised with just an earthquake.
Our mother Earth is a huge planet and we are just tiny creatures. The Earth has 5 billion years of history and we just can live around 100 years only if we are lucky. We need to respect it and be nice to the earth. She gets mad already because we break so much nature and kill so many creatures on the Earth. It is not too late, we have to repair it and compensate it.
Learn more? http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/astronomy/planets/earth/Continents.shtml

Many people are dying.

Cyclone hit in Myammer. Earthquake hit in China. Tornado hit mid west to East coast. Many people are dying. What do you think? I think the Earth get mad against us, human beings. Can you think like this, Sun is a father and Earth is a mother. Father watching us from a long distance and keep us warm. We are living in mother’s arm. We were happy for a while with other creatures. We ate for living. But we changed with desire. Now we know money make our life better. Poeple try to make more money for their happiness and better life. We kill animales for sell. We destroy nature for better life. Our mother get mad finally. This is a revenge from her. No one cannot stop this.

A blow of a witch

I got a blow of a witch on Saturday morning. I am a busy guy. I was gardening at my backyard. I bought soil from Walmart and wanted to seed okra. I was taking soil from a bag and moved to a container and tried to stand up. What was that? I couldn’t stand up. I tried to do it again but felt a huge pain on my back. Oh finally came to me. I knew what was that. This was a blow of a witch. Recently I was losing a vision and it is the beginning of presbyopia. I don’t need reading glasses so far. Bu I will need them near future. I am look young but not. Looks good but inside of my body is not good, maybe. Fortunately, it was not bad and I could walk. So, I worked Saturday night and canceled playing golf on Sunday and stayed home. My employee introduced me a good massage lady. She is from Taiwan. She really has a good reputation and reasonable price. I went to her place on Sunday night. She cannot speak any English and I explained it to her husband. She did a good job and did foot step massage. It was painful but it worked. I feel better today and try foot massage by myself. I have foot massage magnet mat at my home. I didn’t use it much seriously. But I am really use this time. I also have a foot bath with vibration and bubble. I try this, too. Our foot steps are connected with all internal organs. I stimulate my step㔁make it strong and keep my body healthy.