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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Food Sharing highly recommend!

This is a sample. 2 people case
A orders a spicy tuna roll and an Alaskan roll. B orders a spicy tuna roll a rainbow roll. They get their own dish and eat. It is fun? Why don’t they share the spicy tuna roll and order one new roll? I’ ve seen this many times. Do they think sharing the plate is bad thing? Is it fun to eat same food a lot?
This is my case. I go to a restaurant with someone. I don’t order entree and order appetizers mainly. let’s say, if 4 people seating, I order 12 appetizers instead of 4 entrees. Would you like to eat variety of food? I love to do that. You might find a new favorite dish.
If you go to a traditional place, you order a soup and salad or 1 appetizer and order a large portion of entree with side dish. Then you pay $50 or $60. If you go to a new place, you order 5 or 6 small portion dishes. Then you pay same amount. Which one do you prefer?
I want you to enjoy more variety food and expand your food world. try something new and find something you don’t know.

Aoyagi Clam

This is Aoyagi Clam. English name is surf clam. It comes from Boston area. It is alive can use 4 -5 days. After open the shells, take meat and muscle(looks like scallop) and seal.
I like muscle more than meat.
And I think this is better than live scallop. This muscle is very sweet and has texture.
many people say clam is chewy. We have hokki clam. Hokki is also a kind of surf clam and comes from Canada. Hokki is frozen and chewy. Live clam is softer than frozen one. Good for sumiso, miso vinegar mustard or sashimi, sushi. Enjoy!

Big eye tuna May 16 2008

I buy tuna when it is good. This tuna is one of the best in May.

I can make customers happy with this tuna and I’m happy too.

No much comment. I just want to show the picture.

Scallop Seal, himo

I like this kind of things. This is scallop seal. It is very dirty. I dip in hot water and wash and use salt ant rub well. When it gets clean, cook it with soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar. And dry out.

hey, Japanese chewing gum is ready to eat.

Want some? Ask me any time. It is free offer.

It is good with sake and beer. Chewing is very good for your health. Someone says that we have to chew 1000 times a day. Chewing action stimulate our brain and make strong jaw.

We call himo and means string. It looks like string that;s why we call it himo. I also use aoyagi clam seal.

Soy sauce etc.

Soy sauce is a representative of Japanese food culture. Thank you for Kikkoman. But I use Yamasa soy sauce, the second largest soy sauce maker in the world. Anyway, we have so many kinds of soy sauce. Look a picture. From right, Shirodashi soy sauce (white soy sauce), Usukuchi soy sauce (light color soy sauce), Regular soy sauce, and Tamari soy sauce (Sashimi soy sauce).
Shirodashi soy sauce ~ I use it for noodle soup, quick miso soup, ponzu, chawanmushi, okonomiyaki. It is very useful. It is dashi (soup stock) and soy sauce combination. If you need soy sauce flavor but you don’t want soy sauce color, shirodashi soy sauce is the best.
Usukuchi soy sauce ~ Normally used in west side of Japan. It is almost same as regular soy sauce but color is light. Tamari soy sauce ~ It is dark and thick, heavy. I use it for making ponzu, tuna sauce. tamari has deep flavor.
Learn more about soy sauce? Go to http://www.yamasausa.com/Yamasa_products_retail.htm