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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Ty Pennington

Do you know who is Ty?
But you don’t know he is from Atlanta GA. Born in 1963.
He told me he was in Osaka, Japan for a while. Surprised!
Looks a nice guy. One of our customers left a memo to him and I gave to Ty.
” It is a great TV show and thank you so much.” I watched it many times, ABC Extreme Home Makeover.
It is good to help someone needs to help. He promised us that he wears TAKA 2008 Green T Shirts on TV. Thanks, TY. I would like to be bigger like him. This is one of my dream. I can say many jokes and can make people laugh but need to speak good English. Let’s move the bus!

Oolong Tea

Do you like tea? I don’t like much but Oolong tea is exceptional. Many people think I drink a lots of green tea because I am Japanese. I don’t drink much green tea, I don’t know why. According to research, oolong tea is better in some way and I prefer it. And taste is better than green tea.

I drink almost 2L (10 cups) of oolong tea everyday. I don’t like water. Our body is rust and need to push it our from our body.

Please read below.
Dong Ding Oolong Tea

It is known that Dong Ding oolong tea is effective in hay fever. But there are more and I will show you all about healthy issues.

The differences between the Three Types of Teas
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ASLI MINYAK GOSOL, Indonesian oil

I don’t know this well. But one of our servers brought to me because of my back pain.

It is liquid and take on hand and apply where pain comes. Something warm things come and feel good.

This liquid smell is not great but I like this kind of style. It seems they use this for a long time. I feel this just like Tiger barm in Hong Kong.

Curry Rice

Is this Indian Food or Thai Food? This is Japanese curry rice.
Curry rice is national food as ramen in Japan. I think everybody likes that. We have many of curry rice speciality restaurants in Japan.
It was from India originally and we arranged Japanese way.
I think basic curry is curry plus beef, onion, carrot and potato.
But I do my way. I almost put everything together. I open the fridge door and find something and cook them with curry.
Sauce is same. I add spicy sauce, tonkatsu sauce, ketchup, chocolate, red wine.
Curry has more than 30 spices. They stimulate our brain. Are you going to take a test tomorrow? Eat curry tomorrow morning. You can get good result. Ichiro, Seattle Mariners eats curry before every game. It is our special menu and available this summer.

Brown Rice, Genmai

Right is regular rice and left is brown rice. But this is not 100% brown rice. They polished 50% and semi brown rice. Brown rice is good for health but cannot cook with regular rice cooker. And I found brown rice had a bad point. Farmer use pesticide and it stays on outside of rice means non-polished brown rice is not healthy.

It is good to eat just steamed brown rice. But it doesn’t fit for sushi rice. Brown rice is drier than white rice and doesn’t have much starch. We make hybrid rice, combination of brown rice and white rice. I found that white rice got hard and sticky when cool temperature but hybrid rice could keep the balance and didn’t get hard and sticky. That’s coming from brown rice’s dryness.

Brown rice contains vitamins, such as niacin, abundantly and has various effect, such as the prevention / recovery-from-fatigue effect of aging prevention and arteriosclerosis.