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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Tuna price will be up soon.

Tuna price will be up soon. It is easy to think because of high energy cost. Fisherman’s boat use oil and price of oil is almost 2 times higher than 2 years ago. And there is no gurantee to catch tuna. It is a kin dof over supply and retail price is low. If they go to fishing, they just lose money.

In Japan, 20% of tuna catching boat will take a vacation for several months.

Tuna catching boat go fishing about 300- 500 days.

Eating at other restaurants

We closed 3 days for Memorial Day. I tried to eat at other restaurants. I went to Shaun’s on Sunday and Antica Posta on Tuesday.
Shaun’s? Not much gain from food design side but taste were good.
Antica Posta? 3 colors fish carpaccio wad excellent for design side and food also good.
Italian? I go to Pricci, Antica Posta and Di Paolo. I don’t go to Sotto Sotto because of distance.
I prefer food design. I cannot make same sauce as other restaurants but can learn design.
And portion is very important for me. I check the price and portion. And I compare our portion.
We are facing bad economy and people care about price and portion.
I don’t want my customers to leave with hungry stomach. Satisfaction is very important.
What do you think?

Kabocha, Japanese squash

Kabocha. Japanese say pumpkin but American say squash.
It is available all season. I think it comes from Mexico. In Japan we have domestic and from Tonga.
It cannot eat in raw. It is good for tempura or cooked or soup. We also make dessert, kabocha pudding.
The dish is called Kabocha nitsuke, cooked kabocha. My mom said skin was good for the body. But I cut skin because of hardness.
It is easy to say that kabocha contains fiber, beta carotene.
So far, 50/50, means no everybody likes that. But I will continue to sell because it is good for the body.

Chikuwa, Fishcake

This is Chikuwa, fishcake. There is a hole in the middle.

Mostly, we use cod, shark, flying fish and salt, sugar, starch and egg white. I actually don’t make this and just buy.

It is good for tempura, sashimi, and oden etc.

I put this in Japanese menu because they like it. I insert okra and cut in small and sprinkle nori, shiso and bonito flake. Ponzu and wasbi is the best match.

We also have cheese chikuwa in Japan. I think nagaimo, yam potato is also good combination.

Try it if you have a chance.

Toro, Fatty tuna

Toro, what is toro? Toro makes people happy with fattiness and tenderness and taste.
Toro is a part of tuna and premium part. We didn’t eat it before. But toro is the leeding sushi item in the market.
It is hard to say chutoro, toro and ohtoro.
Chutoro— almost half tuna part and toro. Chu means medium.
Toro is just like this picture. perfect pink color with nice fat.
And ohtoro is belly part of tuna. It is almost like marble Kobe beef. It has fat but chewy. It is good for seared. Meat gets tender by burn and can take some fat.
How long we can eat tuna and toro? Tuna is in danger. We don’t have toro all the time. Toro comes from big eye tuna and blue fin tuna only. That’s why I send a newsletter when I get a good one. Any appointment or meeting someone? Cancel it and come to Taka. You can postpone other things but cannot miss toro. Do you agree with me?