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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Keeping the best weight is hard.

Losing weight is not easy. But keeping the best weight is harder than losing. This is from American Heart Association research. They recommend below.

1, What is effective for you? And, what is temptation to gain weight for you? You should know these and control them.

2, Know how many LB you need to lose. Show the exact numbers.

3, Think about calorie you take and calorie you burn. This balance is very important.
I used to say that losing weight was very easy. Eat less and exercise more.

4, Enough exercise is the best. Even if you walk fast everyday, it is good.
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Yellow fin tuna, Kihada maguro

This is yellow fin tuna. When you eat tuna steak at American restaurants, it is yellow fin tuna. Japanese name is kihada, means yellow skin. I cannot show you a whole fish but kihada maguro has a yellow line on the body.

According to tuna commonsense, yellow fin is not great for sushi.
Of course number 1 is blue fin tuna and number 2 is big eye tuna.
But how often we can get blue fin tuna? Boston season is only 2 months. Big eye tuna is available most of the time but not always.
We need to carry yellow fin tuna sometimes. And the price is not cheap any more. Our buying price is only 10% lower than big eye tuna. It is good for marinated appetizers. There is no toro in yellow fin.

Let’s make pie!

Do you like pie? I like it. Crispy and inside is something soft.
This is my original Banana Chocolate pie.
It is easy to make it.
Buy frozen pie sheet. Cut in square.
Cut banana and chocolate in small.
Put them on pie sheet and fold in triangle. You need to brush egg york on edge. Then, push the edge with a folk. Brush on surface and sprinkle crushed pine nuts or almond. Bake in oven around 400F temperature about 20min.. Done. You can eat it by itself or with ice cream. It takes only 25 minutes. I like making desserts.

Fish roe

This is Mackerel, Saba. And this fish has roe. There is a season to have roe.
I take it and wash lightly and cook.
My Mom used to buy fish roe and cooked.
Believe or not, I didn’t eat much meat when I was young.
I was born in a small island in Hiroshima, Japan. Meat was almost once a month which was my father’s payday. We had steaks. But it was not beef, was pork steak. Beef was very expensive about 30 years ago in Japan. I ate a lots of fish. We didn’t buy much. Someone gave us after they caught fish. And I didn’t eat sushi at all. Sashimi, grill and cook were main dishes.
Anyway, fish roe is a kind of good luck because they don’t have all the time.
Ask me when you would like to taste. Happy to give you. It is rich in vitamin E.

Rock City

I went to Chatanooga on Memorial Day.
What does Chatanooga have? Rock City, Ruby Fall and Aquarium.
I like Rock City to see the big nature things.
I also mention obesity. Some places are really narrow and fat people cannot go through.
Chatanooga is a good size city to live. I read an article before. It was very dirty and polluted. But this city changed dramatically. It is clean and not polluted anymore.
Atlanta is worst 3 air polluted city in US. The top is LA and 2nd is NYC. Someone likes living in city and enjoy urban life. But they inhale bad air in every moment.